What we do

  • Consultancy

    We develop practical solutions in technical and policy areas for Small Island Developing States like the Cook Islands

  • Advocacy

    We advocate for internet regulations, policies and technologies that benefit Cook Islands society as a whole

  • Technical Research

    We research and validate the technologies. solutions and approaches in real world operations to ensure they're practical for use in Small Island Developing states like the Cook Islands

  • Training and Capacity Development

    We provide training and capacity building for organisations and individuals to assist them in leveraging information technologies to further develop and improve Cook Islands society

Our Projects

  • Cook Islands Maori Database

    We won grant funding from ISIF Asia to developed an online database for the Cook Islands Maori language https://www.maori.org.ck/. The database is designed to help protect the language by creating and digitising the language and allowing it to be easily accessible to Cook Islanders everywhere

  • Viviki

    Viviki is a platform developed specifically to solve the issues in small island developing states like the Cook Islands that have huge technical expertise and financial constraints to deal with. It does so by simplifying the process of building software. https://viviki.net/