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CIIAG attends Public Interest Registry meeting

The annual meeting of the Public Interest Registry (PIR) Advisory Council was recently held in Reston, Washington DC.  Maureen Hilyard attended as the Oceania representative on the international Council. The PIR Advisory Council consists of global representatives appointed to advise the PIR Board with regards to their management of Top Level Domains (TLDs) .ORG and […]

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Complex Adaptive Systems: Resources, Constraints, Depletion (Scope & Complexity)

Traditional Definition Traditionally in project management there are 3 constraints. Scope, Cost and Time. These all impact the quality of the end product. When dealing with complex adaptive systems we need to break this down further and re-categorise these definitions. See below: New Definition. Resources: Resources are defined as the things you need to complete a […]

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Verisign reports on the state of the domain name industry

As a global leader in domain names and internet security, Verisign reviews the state of the domain name industry through a variety of statistical and analytical research. Verisign provides this briefing to highlight important trends in domain name registrations, including key performance indicators and growth opportunities, to industry analysts, media and businesses In Verisign’s  “Domain Name […]

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Why Technology is largely misunderstood?

It seems to me that a there is a lot of misunderstanding about how to think about, manage and successfully design, plan for, implement and measure technology projects / programmes / initiatives. It’s probably why we still have very high rates of technology failure in the world today. So I’d like to discuss how I understand technology […]

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