How to Install Architect

Architect is a comercial HTML Site Builder developed by Vebto on CodeCanyon. I’ve put here instructions on how to install it on a TurnkeyLinux LAMP Server.   Download TurnkeyLinux LAMP ISO or OVA file   Install it on a VM or server. See you tube video for install instructions   Download […]

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Complex Adaptive Systems: Resources, Constraints, Depletion (Scope & Complexity)

Traditional Definition Traditionally in project management there are 3 constraints. Scope, Cost and Time. These all impact the quality of the end product. When dealing with complex adaptive systems we need to break this down further and re-categorise these definitions. See below: New Definition. Resources: Resources are defined as the things you need to complete a […]

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Formidable Forms: Set Entry Key as UUID

The following code snippet sets the entry key as a UUID in Formidable Forms /* Change Entry Key to UUIDv4 */ add_filter(‘frm_validate_entry’, ‘change_entry_key’, 20, 2); function change_entry_key($errors, $values){ if(($_POST[‘frm_action’] == ‘create’)){ $_POST[‘item_key’] = guidv4(); } return $errors; } /* Generate a version 4 UUID clarification: a v4 UUID is in the form xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx where any […]

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How to run multidisciplinary teams

A team is a multi-disciplinary group that acts in a coordinated manner, over time, toward a shared goal. It is: Bounded — Clear who is — and who is not — on the team Stable — Membership is kept intact for some period of time Interdependent — Members share accountability for a common purpose High team performance requires working agreements among team members across 3 […]

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Why Technology is largely misunderstood?

It seems to me that a there is a lot of misunderstanding about how to think about, manage and successfully design, plan for, implement and measure technology projects / programmes / initiatives. It’s probably why we still have very high rates of technology failure in the world today. So I’d like to discuss how I understand technology […]

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